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  • Rewards for Referrals

    Published By: John Henry Route 23 Tours is officially starting a referral program for our existing customers. That means anyone that has done business with Route 23 Tours will get rewarded $50.00 cash for each referral (New Customer) that ends up being a successful completed trip. I know that you might not still be involved […]

  • Michigan Bus Quotes and Charters

    Before You Start… There are three key things to consider when you are going to charter a bus. Equipment: You want a bus that has all the amenities you are looking for.  Things like a clean restroom, comfortable reclined seating, stereo, DVD player and monitors, stowage, air conditioning, reading lights, 110 outlets, and WIFI.  The […]

  • The Benefits of Chartering a Bus

    There are many great reasons to Chartering a Bus.  Here are just a few. No Stress: Car pooling to different events and on trips can be stressful.  Other drivers that cut you off, heavy traffic, finding parking, construction, and potential traffic hazards can all make traveling stressful.  Who wants to deal with that on a […]