Michigan Bus Quotes and Charters

Before You Start…

There are three key things to consider when you are going to charter a bus.


You want a bus that has all the amenities you are looking for.  Things like a clean restroom, comfortable reclined seating, stereo, DVD player and monitors, stowage, air conditioning, reading lights, 110 outlets, and WIFI.  The equipment needs to not only have all the amenities, it needs to be maintained.  All equipment used by Route 23 goes through a rigorous inspection before it leaves the garage for a trip.  Not only that the buses are tracked by a GPS monitoring system, so someone can not monitor the bus while it’s being driven.


Let’s be honest, a driver can make or break a trip.  Some drivers are good with Seniors groups, while others are good with Students.  Some drivers are good with any group and can go with the flow.  At Route 23, we take pride in getting to know you so we fit you with the right driver.  Drivers not only have to be friendly and courteous, they have to be safe too.  All drivers are required to go through safety training and routine drug testing before they can drive.  Route 23’s number one priority is safety.  Lastly, a driver has to be prepared.  They have to know where they are going and not only get you from Point A to Point B, but all the way to Point Z if need be.


This is the most important factor in chartering a motor coach.  We mentioned that Drivers and Equipment are important factors in your safety already.  There’s also piece of mind.  Route 23 is not only covered with a million dollar liability policy, but all the buses have a $5 million dollar liability policy.  Maintenance is key also to your overall safety.  Every bus must have a DOT (Dept. of Transportation) inspection before it’s deemed safe.  Not only that the buses go through inspections before each and every trip.  Your safety is job number one at Route 23.

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